Friday, May 4, 2012

4-Wide Strategy Tutorial

“The wider the gap
the longer the combo,
 the wider the gap,
 the harder to stack”

There many kinds of combo set ups, the 2 wide, 3 wide , and the very famous 4 wide.  I think 4 wide is the best strategy to use in 6p battle, also works well 2p battle. To be a good 4 wider you should  know how to look ahead, use hold effectively, using the right piece and can rotate in both directions.  I think stacking is the hardest part at  first because you need to stack only on 6 matrix columns,  but as you play and practice you wouldn’t even notice that you are getting better at stacking.  I recommend that you watch 4 wide videos on youtube, it’ll help you get the idea how 4 wide works.

I learned how to 4 wide and 3 wide in nullpomino. Nullpomino is an open source and free action puzzle game that works on java platform. I highly recommend that you download the game (click here to download).

Once nullpomino is installed, Go to Option>Keyboard Setting: 1P and copy my settings. Don’t forget to hit save and exit afterwards. 
This is the tetris battle keyboard settings for nullpomino. 

Now to start your 4-wide practice click Start>[more…]>race modes>combo race>standard plus and copy my settings.

Here's a sample video of how the game works:

The most commonly used 4 wide start is the "I tetrimino". 

If you happen to encounter a block pattern which is not on the image then your combo is off.

There are total of 29 cases of which you'll encounter. Goodluck! 


  1. I think its a great post! Very well explained all posible movements. I'm practicing right now :P thank you!

    P.S: could you tell me how to achieve "Case 20, next movement"? I think it's imposible to put the "Z" shape like that

    P.P.S: excuse me for my english u.u

    1. thanks and good luck! :)

      its possible.. use "Z spin".. if your not familiar with it.. you can see my tutorial for Z Spin.. maybe you can do it now coz' im a week late for this reply..

  2. hello man. you are good and your tuts very very good and helpful. i read all posts in your blog and i enjoyed. i have a request from you. i need and i like 3-wide. but need a tut. please please please make a 3-wide exactly like 4-wide tut

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